The Dehrmann BioEnergy Group comprises a USA company, Dehrmann BioEnergy, LLC and a South African company, Dehrmann BioEnergy Consultants (Pty) Limited, both being fully independent professional engineering consultancy firms founded on the principle of providing services that place the Client’s interests first.

For this reason, Dehrmann BioEnergy:

  • Remains both financially and technologically independent from all vendors and machinery and/or plant and equipment suppliers
  • Maintains transparency in dealing with the Client
  • Vests the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of technology (designs, etc.) that have been purchased by the Client as part of the project, with the Client. Bespoke designs will not be used elsewhere without the Client’s prior permission
  • Closely manages Contractors, Vendors and all Suppliers in such a manner so as to minimise, and if not eliminate, all potential variations and other forms of scope and resultant cost overruns
  • Follows ethical business principles as per the expectations of its Clients

Dehrmann BioEnergy has experience in Project Management, Engineering and Operations and Maintenance Management, specialising in ethanol, sugar, cogeneration, and related product streams, with the following specific experience:

  • Project Management, including all areas from project conception to commissioning and hand-over, and subsequent (contracted) operations and maintenance
  • Project development and execution experience under both Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC), and Engineer, Procure and Project Manage (EPCM) methodologies
  • Plant operations and maintenance
  • Feasibility studies, ranging from Order of Magnitude through Fully Bankable
  • Project financial modeling to determine project Return on Investment (ROI) and related financial indicators
  • Fully detailed business plans for presentation to potential investors
  • Contract negotiation

Dehrmann BioEnergy works in most biofuels areas, ranging from bioethanol, biodiesel, and other bioproducts, one of which being greenpower / greenenergy or what is more commonly known as cogeneration. Significant progress has been made with regards to the development of sustainable aviation fuel, more commonly known as SAF, from a feedstock of bioethanol.

Experience has been gained during project assignments in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and the USA.