Project Conceptualisation

The start of any project is the conceptualisation. Dehrmann BioEnergy elaborates on their own and their Client’s ideas, to formalise what started out as an idea. It is critical during this phase of the project cycle to garner as many ideas as possible, carefully selecting which to adopt and develop and which to discard.

In this manner, Dehrmann BioEnergy distils the process so as to provide the Client with an easy go / no-go decision with respect to the way forward.

Once approved by the Client, the process moves on to an early feasibility stage.

Feasibility Studies

Dehrmann BioEnergy provides studies in accordance with the various classifications of feasibility studies as outlined by AACE International (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering). These range from an Order-of-Magnitude budget estimate to the most accurate Class 1 estimate (or Definitive Estimate).

The most important aspect of determining the project budget of the feasibility study is the determination of project scope. Once this is settled, cost engineering commences.

Cost Engineering is the application of scientific principles and techniques to estimating; cost control; business planning and management; profitability analysis; project management; and planning and scheduling.

The Cost Estimate Classification System is a recommended practice that provides guidelines for applying the general principles of estimate classification to project cost estimates (i.e., cost estimates that are used to evaluate, approve, and/or fund projects).

The use of these cost engineering techniques enables Dehrmann BioEnergy to have confidence in and to stand by their project cost estimates developed during the feasibility study process.

Dehrmann BioEnergy offers the following levels of feasibility studies:

  • Order-of-Magnitude estimate
  • Study estimate
  • Budget estimate
  • Control estimate

Project Management

Dehrmann BioEnergy provides a comprehensive Project Management service for their Client’s where technical competence is demanded, cost is managed carefully and time managed effectively, thereby ensuring a successful result. We work closely with the Client’s team to ensure buy-in at all levels within the Client’s organisation, and that their expectations are met.

As Project Managers, Dehrmann BioEnergy realises the importance of having the right skills, knowledge and experience within the team so that effective control and auditing can be exercised over the design engineers, vendors and plant and equipment suppliers.

Dehrmann BioEnergy uses the contractual methodology and documentation as published by FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). These comprehensive contractual guidelines cover most of the requirements for contracts of various types, including those for Consulting Services, Design-Build, Construction and Turnkey appointments.

Although the FIDIC suite of contracts is preferred, Dehrmann BioEnergy is equally comfortable with using bespoke type contracts.

Engineering Services

Dehrmann BioEnergy offers comprehensive design and engineering solutions to their Client’s, by leveraging a network of experienced individuals and specialist companies.

Engineering services provided include the following fields of engineering:

  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering, both MV and LV
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Design draughting

Energy and Mass Balance

Using SUGARS ™ proprietary Energy and Mass Balance (EMB) software, Dehrmann BioEnergy is expert at process modelling the Client’s plant, from high-level, conceptual assignments, to fully integrated and detailed models, either incorporated into the Client’s existing plant (brownfield) or for a completely new project (greenfield).

Bespoke, spreadsheet based EMB’s are also utilised, but these are not preferred, owing to their higher complexity, time-to-build and resultant cost.